Tahvieh at a Glance

Tahvieh is the longest established private company specialized in design & manufacturing air conditioning equipment in Iran.Foundation of company goes back to 1964.
Tahvieh successfully achieved assembling of HVAC systems by using production line of Airtemp&Trane. In 1975 Tahvieh opened its 5,300 m² factory in Alborz Industrial zone, close to city of Qazvin. Shortly after new settlement, Tahvieh received license from Chrysler & Airtemp of U.S.A .
The factory area was gradually increased to 20,000 m² & number of staff from 30 to 350 .
Today Tahvieh has a new facility as a factory in Sirjan free zone with an area of 12,000 m² including 2000 m² covered production area.
Tahvieh owes its success in opening & improvement of mutual business relations with the world –wide manufacturers.Qualified experienced designers, competent engineers, fully skilled technicians, quality improvement & continuous innovation in a parallel direction with quantity growth are our main cause of achievement.
Following ARI standards & “ASHRAE STANDARDS ” led Tahvieh to receive ISO9001 quality management system certification in 1998.
Today Tahvieh has managed to win the confidence of Thousands of major clients in most of residential, commercial & industrial projects.

tahvieh company


Production and supply of HVAC systems and other business activities related to domestic and foreign markets and the ability to adapt to customer needs of the market.

Log in to international markets.
Select the first Iranian customers.

Tahvieh Company on the way to achieving its vision to be bound by the following values:

We will ensure the fair treatment of employees.
We have to preserve human value including respect for the rights and values respect people’s personalities.
We beautification, safety and health of our environment.
We are committed to providing the welfare of their employees.
We respect the thoughts and ideas of the staff.


Tahvieh innovations are born out of the high-end R&D establishment that has been painstakingly put together over the years by industry’s leading experts and utilizing the latest equipment, tools and techniques.
Tahvieh’s R&D department has access to most advanced engineering design software including latest software tools that are used by international industry leaders for system design and product performance rating.


Tahvieh Company controls the quality of its products by using its well-equipped laboratories in the areas of electricity, electronic, mechanic and performance test. Following ASHRAE standards ensures the compliance of manufactured products with international requirements, guarantees the disposal of inappropriate products and supplies impeccable and flawless products to the market.


Tahvieh’s manufacturing strength is spread in the modern manufacturing facilities set up to international standards. The manufacturing sector of Tahvieh Company has about 22,000 square meters of indoor spaces, including plastic injection, coil making, cutting and press, painting and assembling workshops.
The production facilities use highest quality raw material, including corrosion resistant, stainless steel and galvanized steel for enhanced life and rust protection. State of the art equipment are used to fabricate the steel parts which includes CNC machines and hydraulic presses. Such high fabrication standards ensures the superior quality in manufacturing to tight tolerances.