مضخة حرارة مصدر الهواء الكهربائية

Ducted air conditioners are common in the workplace, shopping centers and other large areas, but they are also increasingly common for the home. They involve a central location where the air is treated, then sent by fans through a system of ducts and into each room. Ducted air conditioners are great for keeping large areas at a uniform temperature.
Tahvieh Concealed Ducted ‘Split’ systems consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit installed in the ceiling space. Air is distributed from the indoor unit by duct to one or more air vents. With convenient thermostat control, heating, cooling or auto settings are available at your fingertips. Cooling Capacity is from 24000 to 60000 btu/hr in various climates.
Ducted air conditioning system differs from a split system in that the entire unit is concealed, usually in the roof space of your property or housed unobtrusively outside the property. The cooled air is then directed to multiple rooms or zones within the building via a system of concealed ducting.
Duct split is in three designs: Low Pressure, Medium Pressure and High Pressure according to length of the duct and air pressure loss in duct.

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