Concealed ceiling fancoil HR

Air flow rates are 200 cfm (340 m³/hr), 300 cfm (510 m³/hr), 400 cfm (680 m³/hr), 600 cfm (1020 m³/hr), 800 cfm (1360 m³/h), 1000 cfm (1700 m³/h), 1200 cfm (2040 m³/h)
Proper dimensions for installing in concealed ceiling with low height
With two coils-heating and cooling coil, 4 Pipes units (optional)
The ability to use electric heating coil (optional)
Air vent valve with easy function
Body and Drain pan,s construction is heavy gage galvanized steel.
It has two fresh air intake
Suction air in two position; down position and rear position
Easy access to fan and motor for periodic services
Three-speed motor, single phase
Motors are provided with thermal protection against overload and coil over temperature
High cooling capacity with 3 rows coil
Washable filter with easy installation and replacement