Ducted split PCB with sensors and IR receiver

Duct split controller has a different and trustful function for exact controlling of duct split through driving compressor, evaporator and condenser fan units and measuring coil temperatures. In this controller heating is in three different ways of heat pomp, hot water coil, and electric heater.
This product is designed in two types of one-piece and two-piece with the ability to be installed in inside and outside units for reducing wiring.
Technical Specifications:
• Driving three-speed fan or one-speed evaporator unit
• Driving two-speed fan or one-speed outside unit
• Heat pump, hot water coil and electric heater
• Supporting Low and high pressure Digital inputs
• 12 protection functions
• Measuring evaporator, condenser coil unit and hot water coil
• Measuring indoor and ambeint temperature
• Measurement accuracy: 0.1 C
• Support data series thermostat
• Changabled parameters by Modbus-RTU