VRF PCB with sensors and IR receiver


220~240V-1ph-50Hz or Universal Power supply
High current EMI input Filter
Total Harmonic Distortion less than 5%
High Isolated high precision Power supply
Driving any BLDC Compressor up to 60’000 BTU
High Efficiency DC inverter compressor
Environment friendly low carbon footprint, no harm to Ozone (R410A Refrigerant)
DC fan motor can be step less controlled according to system’s operating temperature.
Cooling, Heating, Drying and Automatic smart function
Wide Inverter Frequency range up to 120 Hz
Active PFC module With 6 kW power handling and less than 10% ripple
Adaptive Temperature sensing for better performance
Current/power consumption real time monitoring
Smart Oil Recovery algorithm to increase compressor performance and expanding lifetime
Adaptive Refrigerant control
VRF systems can connect up to 128 indoor units to a single or modular outdoors
Outdoor Unite can be used in modular configuration up to 8 Units
Flexible for all kinds of rooms
Varity indoor capacity up to 60’000BTU
Automatically addressing, system will distribute address to indoor unit automatically
Smart calibration routine for each climate
Intelligent defrosting program

Other Specifications:

 Indoor units can connected up to 128 indoor units to a single or modular outdoors.
Outdoor units can connected up to 8 units.
Automatically addressing system.
 Real time all sensor monitoring

Distributed control system in term of critical scenario
 Up to 10 years data retentio
Controlling out door unit between 50% to 130%
Automatic diagnose routine
Compatible with all kind of wire communication protocol(Optional)
Smart Eco routine with outdoor feedback sensing to improve performance
High responsibility to High /Low pressure sensors
Support wireless/zigbee/Bluetooth/remote controller and wire controller
Android control application


Power supply overvoltage and under voltage protection in any sub module
Compressor temperature protection
Exhaust pipe temperature protection
Exhaust low pressure protection
Condenser high temperature protection
Anti-cold wind or defrosting protection
Evaporator temperature protection
Typhon wind speed detection runaway detector
Indoor and outdoor communication fault detector
Outdoor unit communication fault detector
All sensors monitor for malfunction and protected device under critical circumstances