Water cooled Screw Chiller Modular

50 to 360 nominal tons for Water Cooled Chillers
R22, R407C & R134a Refrigerant
Semi-Hermetic Compact Screw Compressors
One circuit, two or more identical refrigerant circuits as modular
PLC or Mini-PLC Controller with Siemens or Carel Brand
Shell & Tube Evaporator and Condenser
Thermostatic or Electronic Expansion Valves
Tahvieh Water Cooled Chillers assembled Wiring, Tested and charged with refrigerant R22 in 36 to 308 actual tons capacity and refrigerant R134a in 35 to 276 actual tons capacity at factory. Liquid Line has Charging Valve, Solenoid Valve, Filter Dryer, Sight Glass, Humidity Gage and etc.

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