Air Cooled Condenser Unit

Tahvieh condenser units are designed for various refrigerants such as R22, R134a and R407c. The
air cooled condenser unit is produced as medullar in various cooling capacities. It is capable
operating in a wide range of temperatures in different condition with 1 cycle or 2 cycles.
The units are assembled, wiring and tested in factory.
Condenser Coils
The condenser coils are manufactured in two types:
The condenser coils are constructed with seamless copper tubes and aluminum fins. Another type is
micro-channel coil.
Condenser Fans & Motor
Aluminum guarded axial airfoil blade fans with directed driven is used for air cooled condenser
units. The airfoil fan blades are caused to reduce noise and energy consumption. Motor velocity is
900 rpm and motor protection is IP54 with thermal class F. Condenser fan also is protected against
over load and over current by phase control system.
Fan variable speed controller in 3 steps for capacity control is in optional according to project
Structure & Chassis
Aluminum profiles and hot dip galvanized sheets is used for structure and body. To reach more
strength, body and structure coated by epoxy dye. Chassis made of strong steel to dividing the
weight of condensing unit with lifting lug for shipping.

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