data center cooling system

Precision air conditioning designed for critical applications where precise conditioning of air temperature and humidity is vital.

Precision air conditioning controls the ambient environment by providing constant temperature and humidity conditions to costly and sensitive sophisticated electronic equipment’s throughout the year.

Precision Air condition Unit (PAC) is installed in computer room, server room and data centers. Computer equipment generates heat, and is sensitive to heat, humidity, and dust, but also the need for very high resilience and failover requirements. Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity within tight tolerances is critical to IT system reliability.

The PAC is very diverse, but almost all of them are in the up-flow and down-flow. You can also transfer the air through the duct to the desired location.

Cooling Capacity is from 2 to 6 ton
Modern design, small dimension, high quality equipment and anti-corrosion body
Control and precision of humidity and room temperature using advanced control system
Special design for the high Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR>90%)
Designed according to standard “ASHRAE TC9.9”, “14511 EN”, “0-1-019 300 ETS”
Product in two cases, with or without duct.
Dehumidify mode , consist of humidifier and electrical heater
Functionality in all seasons and different temperature conditions (-34°C to +50°C)
Due to scroll compressor, slow speed blower and Acoustic-thermal insulation, the PAC has high efficiency and silent function.
Places ability used

  • Computer Room, Server Room and Data Centers
  • Telecom equipment Room, Network operators, ISP and CATV
  • Laboratories and Test Room
  • Television Transmitters

Optional Equipment

  • Drain Pump
  • Fine Filters with 90% dust spot efficiency