Sound attenuator

Tahvieh offers the design and engineering of sound attenuator product for reducing noise level of air handling unit to the rooms. The sound attenuators are manufactured in three major models covering a wide range of airflow in different pressure drops and noise cancellations. This allows the designer to select the right and also the most economical size of silencers. The casing of silencers is made of galvanized steel sheet with adequate thickness protected against corrosion with proper painting and flanged in both side

Stainless steel casing would be available for high corrosive conditions upon request.

Sound absorbing baffles contain fireproof mineral wool with proper density and specification protected with a non-woven layer and perforated galvanized steel sheet. The characteristic of absorbing media has designed for maximum acoustic performance and reduce the noise.


Noise reduction is 8 dB to 38 dB in 250Hz octave band.
The length of sound attenuators is from 20 to 80 inches.

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