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Water is one of our most precious resources and consumption has reached unprecedented levels. Cooling towers recycle cooling water, so it can be used over and over again . Recycling reduces water consumption by 95% when compared to out dated “once-through” systems, thus, reducing water and sewage costs.

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VX Cooling Towers extend the proven advantages of V-Line with a broader choice of sizes to closely match the capacity, space, and application requirements of virtually any project.

All units are designed to ensure quiet operation, dependable Performance, long life, and ease of maintenance. The compactness of the V-pan and the static pressure capability of the centrifugal fans make VX Cooling Towers the logical choice for indoor installations of restricted outdoor enclosures. Single-fan-side design and a variety of width and length combinations provide alternative config urations to fit the required capacity in the available space.

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Because the recessed centrifugal fans are inherently quiet, VX Cooling Towers are preferred whenever low sound levels are desired. Sound attenuation accessories manufactured by TAHVIEH are available for projects requiring very quiet operation. A choice of materials of construction including two wet deck surface options and TAHVIEH engineered accessories mean the VX Cooling Tower can meet virtually every application and installation need including complete fireproof construction for PVC wet deck sur face and reliable year round operation.

Product life is extended and maintenance costs are minimized by the blow-through design which places all moving parts in the dry entering air stream. VX Cooling Towers are constructed of heavy gage, galvanized steel with a proven corrosion protection finish significantly better than galvanizing alone. Ease of maintenance is provided by the self-cleaning V-pan and large orifice spray nozzles. All rotating parts are located at the base of the unit for easy access and maintenance. All units are factory-assembled for uniform quality of construction and performance with major components having been designed, tested, and manufactured by TAHVIEH.