duct mounted coil

Tahvieh Co. products types of coil such as: chilled/hot water coil, condenser coil evaporator /DX coil, steam coil and electrical coil based on AHRI standard Primary surface shall be made of seamless copper tubes. Secondary surface shall be made of continuous plate aluminum or copper fins. DX refrigerant distributors shall be factory selected and installed
Coil casings shall be constructed with flanged top, sides, and bottom rails of galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet designed to eliminate air bypass. Coils are arranged to slide in/out of the coil section on heavy tracks. Headers and return bends of all cooling and heating coils that are located inside the coil section are protected from possible damages. EXT coils have no casing and headers are exposed All face flanges contain holes to facilitate erection and field connection to matching components or ductwork. The copper tubes rest upon a continuous series of fin collars, where they are expanded into place to provide a permanent, lasting metal to metal bond. The resultant fin tube assembly tightly held in the heavy duty casing provides a compact and stable component for shipment and installation