Unit Heater

Tahvieh Unit Heaters are commonly used for heating of high ceiling areas like manufacturing plants, public gathering halls and institutional, commercial and industrial application. With unit heaters you can fulfill your heating requirements with ease and comfort at low cost.

The unit heaters are equipped with fan, coil and dampers and have been designed to be used in enclosed spaces.


Blow thru
Aluminum extruded profiles
The casing is made of hot dip galvanized sheet with rock wool sandwiched between double skin panels
Electric coil is constructed of ceramic shielded heating element in copper tubes with aluminum extended fins (150±10μ thk.). All electric coils are provided with terminal box and over heat protection single stage thermostat.
Fan is axial type with direct driven motor. The fans are statically and dynamically balanced.
Dampers are made of galvanized steel sheets

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