Water cooled Screw Chiller

50 to 360 nominal tons for Water Cooled Chillers
R22 & R 134a Refrigerant
Semi-Hermetic Compact Screw Compressors
One circuit, two or more identical refrigerant circuits as modular
PLC or Mini-PLC Controller with Siemens or Carel Brand
Shell & Tube Evaporator and Condenser
Thermostatic or Electronic Expansion Valves
Tahvieh Water Cooled Chillers assembled Wiring, Tested and charged with refrigerant R22 in 36 to 308 actual tons capacity and refrigerant R 134a in 35 to 276 actual tons capacity at factory.
Liquid Line has Charging Valve, Solenoid Valve, Filter Dryer, Sight Glass, Humidity Gage and etc.

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