Air cooled screw condensing unit Modular

TAHVEH Air Cooled Screw Condensing Units are the perfect refrigeration components for all air conditioning applications in different nominal capacity (50 to 180 refrigerant tonnages) that are used with DX central station air handling units. They are designed for outdoor (ROOF or Ground level) installation. Each unit includes two separated refrigerant circuit with semi-hermetic compact screw compressors. All mechanical & electrical major equipment are supplied abroad. All Tahvieh Co. production are designed, produced and tested at company, to achieve to high quality we assembly production at company.

A Complete Range of Sizes:

The new generation air cooled condensing unit models are shipped complete from factory ready for installation. The unit is pressure tested, evacuated and given with nitrogen pre-charged. After assembly, an additional refrigerant value due to calculated line (Suction & Liquid) and evaporator should be added.

They are designed as modular and according to different air condition, tropical and non-tropical, and different refrigerant, R22, R134a and R407C.

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