Ground Fan Coil (FL)

FL ground fan coils are produced at capacities of (200) 340, (300) 510, (400) 680, (600) 1020, (800) 1360, (1000) 1700 and (1200) 2040 m³ / h (cfm).
All models can be produced in both standard coil and HT coil models (this type of coil instead of standard coils can provide the required cooling or heating capacity of a smaller fan coil).
Ability to use electric heating coils (customer`s option).
Use of galvanized sheets in the body and drain pan.
Use of insulation under a drain pan to prevent perspiration.
Easy to use air purge valve.
Easy access to fan and motor for periodic services.
Equipped with thermal protection to protect the motor against excessive loads and excessive coil temperature.
It is equipped with three speed motor.
Its washable filter is very easy to install and replace.

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