Forward Centrifugal Fan

•Forward Impeller and housing are made of galvanized sheet
• Shaft is made of CK-45 steel
• Bearings: Japanese ASAHI · Static and dynamic Balance
• Speed control by bolt and pulley
•Application area: AC (Air Condition) companies, workplace, offices, café, restaurants, meeting rooms, sport complexes, industrial kitchen, waiting room and
•All fans are statically and dynamically balanced (All fans are balanced in terms of statically and dynamically) and are tested according to (based on) AMCA Standard 210-99 (Balances are feasible in the presence of the employer)
• All forward curved fans are equipped with adjustable hook bolts to maximize rigidity and prevent deformation, hook bolts are adjusted during the balancing procedure at the factory
• All fans are equipped with a circular flange and a grid plate at the air outlet to prevent external objects entrancing to the collection when the fan is off
• All fans can be manufactured as anti-spark, anti-corrosion, explosion proof, and suitable to operate at high tempera tures upon request (based on the customer request)