Rail-way air conditioner

Train and Metro Air Condition System

Tahvieh assist their customers to achieve the heating, Venting & cooling they need. These air conditions can be easily installed on new and legacy trains, metro’s trains, locomotives and other rolling stock to enhance passenger and driver comfort.

Train air conditioning system is designed according to the kind of passenger wagons in two forms:

1- The air handling unit (evaporator) in installed inside of wagon.


The cooling capacity is 46 KW and heating capacity is 36KW.
Easy assembly in the wagon
It has high quality vibration isolator.
2- The air handling unit (evaporator) is installed outside of the wagon and connected with duct to inside of wagon.


Easy assembly
Dynamic balancing fan on site.
It has high quality vibration isolator.
Locomotive Ventilation System

Cooling capacity is approximately 32000 BTU / h.
The systems weight is lighter than similar brands.
Power supply is 220V.
Metro Ventilation System

The body completely is made of stainless steel sheet.
Easy access to parts for periodic services
High efficiency and performance.

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